Wednesday, January 13, 2010

JDRF School Walk Program

So I think most of my 3 readers probably know by now that I work at the Dallas Chapter of JDRF - I am the School Walk Coordinator. I love, love, love my job - but due to financial issues with everyone this year, we are WAY down on our number of walks and raising money from our schools. I wholeheartedly understand schools not fundraising right now, it can be a lot to continually ask parents to support cause after cause. BUT, I participated in a training session yesterday that has me twitterpated...our National office has incorporated a piece of JDRF's Annual Walks, Walk Central into a very specific Kids Walk program for our schools. Basically what this will allow the schools and their students to do is do ONLINE fundraising as well as selling the paper sneakers. Considering we are California transplants, this is great for when my girls are fundraising and we can send emails to aunts, uncles and the Grandmas asking for support. The one feature that I think is great about this is the parental control that is required for a child to participate and the release that is posted that talks about the fact that nothing about the site is searchable from say a Google or Bing or whatever - so the child is protected from online weirdos. I spend my days recruiting schools and moms for this project and I really want to make it a success - so pray for great parents and schools that want to support JDRF and the research.

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LaLa said...

Hey Adrienne - I am just now getting a chance to read your blog. I had you on my list but you were not pulling up in my Google Blog Reader but I got it fixed now so that I can stay in touch!

I really want to start volunteering with the JDRF. As soon as I am 100% after my surgery I would love to get together with you and chat. I live in Plano - are you close?

Also, my oldest is in kinder so I would love to get something going there as far as a walk goes. Also, my middle is at a private pre-school I would love to do a fundraiser there too!!!

Let me know your thoughts!

I'm so glad we met the other night!

I hope to chat soon. My email is