Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June in Review

June flew by, it hardly seemed like we did anything but then I looked at our calendar and realized that we packed a bunch of stuff into those 4 weeks. We began summer with days in the backyard, looking for bugs and playing in our little pool on the patio. I got a bit of a tan, the girls even more so (with the heavy application of sunscreen even). We prepared for my mom to arrive from California - she and my brother drove out in a moving truck and then he flew back to Cali the next day. We celebrated Father's Day, unfortunately for Wayne it was a disappointment but I'm determined to make it up to him. I interviewed for a fantastic job and will be starting this Wednesday (SOOOOO excited about this). We are still having car problems and have decided to suck it up and just pay to have them fixed rather than replace them. We don't need a car payment right now, but how I loathe the cars we own. SERIOUSLY. Ms. J had her assessment to move into 1st grade (her birthday is 2 days past the cutoff) and it didn't go as well as we had hoped, but I'm working on getting some clarification for the testing that was done as I don't think it was what we were told it would be. Her math skills weren't what they wanted them to be, yet we were encouraged to get her tested for Gifted and Talented in the spring - say what? Her reading is off the charts, which we knew, but I find it odd that excelling in one area would make her a candidate for the gifted and talented program. We also have a new endocrinologist and we are officially leaving Children's Hospital of Dallas - thank goodness! It is not to the endo that I had hoped for, I was sad when we were turned down for an opportunity based on Little G's age, only to hear that someone else that we know was accepted with a child much younger than her. Not that I'm unhappy for the other family, just disappointed and a little jealous.

Wayne did have surgery on his left arm, he has some nerve damage, not all associated with T1, but it cannot be ruled out. They took the ulnar nerve, which runs along the outside of your arm down to your fingers and relocated it to the other side of his arm. They also did carpal tunnel surgery while they were at it. He came through the surgery well and is healing like a champ. He's in a cast up past his elbow and will get it off in 2 weeks and his sugars have been great considering his down time. He's a bit restless and annoyed that simple things like buttoning his pants are more difficult, but he's anxious to get his other arm done sooner rather than later so he can get back to playing guitar and working at full capacity. The right arm will be a bugger because the poor man cannot so much as pick up a fork with his left hand. Should be interesting!

My mom is here now and settled in - more settled in 2 weeks than we are after 10 weeks in our house. She is adapting well to life in Texas and is excited about learning about her new home state. She misses my brother and his family tremendously but knows they are but a plane ride away.

We have been shown an outpouring of love and support over these past few months and we appreciate it more than words can express. If you have thought about us, prayed for us or even read this blog or sent me a note on FB, you are very special to us and we have felt your support. Thank you all!

July is going to be a better month for us and the beginning of much better things for the Evans family. Here's to better days ahead!

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