Saturday, July 26, 2008

Little G gets it, she really gets it.....

As it is very early in my "blog life", I still have many things to talk about and to share about my family and what they are all about. What happened yesterday kind of shocked me and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it - I even dreamt about it last night. But, let me back up and tell you the history on the event before I share the current tidbit.
Our oldest daughter (almost 4) J, was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic 2 years ago at 22 months old. We had just found out that we were preggers with little G, who's now almost 18 months. We had a rough few days in the hospital, but the educators and nurses and endocrinologists that we came to know took phenomenal care of all of us, not just Miss J. Throughout these past 2 years, there have been many adjustments to her insulin, changes in her testing times, and equipment (insulin pen, testers, finger pokers and such) - we have incorporated diabetes into our life fairly well I believe.
As in any household, mornings are pretty crazy around here - testing blood sugar, breakfast, taking shots, getting dressed, teeth brushed, faces washed and all that jazz. We don't hide testing J or doing her shots, especially when we're in our own home. Which brings me to what happened yesterday.
The girls and I were up at my brother's house and they were playing with their cousins - Big K and Little K. The 4 of them are so close in age and spend so much time together that they're almost like siblings. forward to lunchtime and we're testing Ms. J's blood sugar. Lunch is had, plates are cleaned and carbs are calculated for Ms. J's shot - Little G comes to me with a fake syringe from the doctor kit in the playroom, pulls up her shirt and pokes her little Buddha belly with the syringe and then says "all done", puts her shirt down and runs back to play. I sat there stunned.....I had no idea that she was taking all of this in and really got what was going on with her sister. One of the other things about that moment that brought it all home for me was that when Ms. J was in the hospital initially they were putting an IV in her arm and she was screaming "ALL DONE" while 5 adults held her down to do it. That phrase apparently is something that I use when I finish Ms. J's shots now as well.
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