Sunday, December 28, 2008

We Are Blessed

Christmas itself is over, but we had such a special day as our first Christmas in Texas. Christmas Eve was so much fun, my SIL from Houston came up without her hubby - so there wasn't too much worry over the girls. My other 2 SIL's immediately took over with Ms.J & Little G as soon as I hit the door. Dinner was delicious, how I LOVE me some tamales, chicken, beef, pork I love them all! The girls surprised everyone by eating an entire tamale a piece, plus cornbread, plus chips and spicy salsa - have I ever mentioned that my girls are great eaters and will try anything (knocking on wood). Wayne had to work until 10pm, but he came to his sister's afterwards. The girls were in the spotlight and everyone appeared to enjoy them - my MIL couldn't believe how much they had changed since we saw her last June. I came home around midnight (both girls still WIDE awake) and put the girls to bed and got to wrapping and getting the cookies ready for Santa. Wayne got home around 2am, it was good that he had the chance to catch up with his sis from Houston. He jumped in and helped finish wrapping and around 4am we finally went to bed. I told Ms.J that she was in charge in the morning and she couldn't come past their hallway until she got permission. Lets just say that at 6:30am she strolled in to our room, claiming that it was time for us to get up and that Santa had left the lights on the tree on. I told her to go back to bed and we'd come and get her after while - she stomped off, but we didn't hear from her again. We went to wake the girls up at 8:30am and Little G was SOOOOO not ready to get up. She was tired and cranky and not at all interested in the excitement that is Christmas morning. The girls emptied their stockings, Ms.G got distracted by this cool snow-globe type bouncy ball that Santa brought and didn't want to unwrap anything else. Ms.J finished all of hers and then sweetly "offered" to help Little G open the rest of hers.
Once we finished, we had a yummy breakfast of sweetrolls, coffee and juice. We then got ready to head up to my SIL's house, where the whole clan was meeting up again for dinner and more presents (for the girls anyways, we agreed not to buy for each other, just them). We had a great day there as well, the girls had lunch, took naps (only one bout of SUPER low blood sugars with Ms.J - she was at 24 - OMG). We then had the opportunity to educate the in-laws on the procedure and what is the best thing to give them in those cases. We had dinner while the girls napped, nice to have adult dinner every once in a while and worry only about cutting my food for a change...LOL. We woke the girls up and got them ready to open their presents...there was an ABUNDANCE of gifts and everyone seemed to enjoy spoiling the daylights out of the girls. Auntie D bought them clothes...clothes that I never would....DKNY, Polo, etc. for a 4 year old and a 2 year old? DARLING clothes though, she has wonderful taste. Between the other 2 Auntie's and my MIL, I'm having a hard time remembering who gave them what. I know we have 2 mini chairs & ottomans (geez these are sweet). Each of the girls got little pink scooters, they have a tv-dance camera thing - which the Auntie's opened to make sure it worked, wink,wink. We now have a ball pit and a tunnel type set up for the playroom and clothes...lots and lots of clothes, a great "play" laptop that is a just plain awesome, Ms.J has carried it around constantly since we got home. It was a wonderful Christmas, I feel a little guilty writing this, but I didn't miss Christmas with my family nearly as much as I thought I would - I miss them every day and I love the craziness of the cousins all together, but this was a really sweet Christmas and I really enjoyed spending it with my in-laws.

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