Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nightly Tale of Despereaux

Ms.J has loved books since the beginning. She will usually pick a book over a toy if given a choice and we typically have at least 3 books in the car with us at any given time. I thought we'd give a chapter book a try and see if she could sit still and focus on it if we did just one chapter each night. So New Years weekend we went to the bookstore and I helped Ms.J pick out "The Tale of Despereaux". She had been seeing the previews for the movie,so it was a pretty easy choice for her. We settled in that first night to read our chapter but she didn't understand why I stopped when the story clearly was not over with. I let her know that the good thing about books like this were that you got to read a little bit each night. We are now about half way through the book and each night, without fail she makes sure to ask me to read her chapter to her. We look at the pictures from the movie that are included in the book (8 or so total)and she's doing really well keeping all of the characters straight - which is impressive because there are A LOT. I'm already looking for our next chapter book, I'm so excited that she is enjoying the addition to our nightly routine.

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