Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do you ever want to just hide?

I say this in jest - well kind of. We all have our trials and tribulations regardless of what our lives are like. Ours is a challenge on any given day - as is pretty much everyone in a T1 household. I am the minority in my house, to my kids I'm the weird one because I'm not poking my fingers, taking shots and checking for ketones when I pee. For them, I am SO grateful they will have each other for their reality check on what it's like to live with T1 - I am NOT grateful that they both have T1, but if one thing could make their lives easier, I think living in a house where they're not the only one might actually benefit them. Ms. J has become quite the T1 Yoda Jedi Master - she is not afraid to talk to newly diagnosed kids and tell them how important it is that they listen to their parents and eat what they are given and to learn to listen to their bodies. She can tell by looking at Little G if she's high or low and she wakes up at night if she hears Little G making any kind of noise - she can fly down their hallway faster than a speeding bullet to get to us if she thinks anything is wrong. She will then run right back down the hall to sit with her sister while we grab the tester and fast acting sugar.
I was having a bout with insomnia last night....Wayne was snoring and I was on the sofa, watching SNL, Cold Case, CSI Miami -all the shows that will normally cause me to fall asleep sitting up. I played solitaire, surfed the net for 504 plan information and then turned to my DMom Bloggers, because I wanted to "check in" and make sure that everyone's broods were okay. But EVERYONE in my little D-Mom blogworld got a slap in the face yesterday....or have it coming when they check in the next time. There is a family out there that lost their 14 year old son to T1. Mom went in to wake him up and he had passed during the night. I cried as I read everyone's reactions, I cried for his Mom and Dad and his siblings. I cried for the parent or the spouse of someone with T1 - because I'm pretty certain they are/were scared reading this. I know that when I got done crying and praying for them and for us (collectively "us" as the parents of T1 kids or the spouse of a T1). I went down the hall, testers and juice in hand....and checked my girls blood sugars and gave Ms. J some juice and held Little G until she went back to sleep - or maybe until I was ready to let go of her, I'm just sayin'. I crawled into bed, next to that snoring bear, and wrapped my arms around him a little tighter and felt a few more tears roll down my cheek because all I wanted to do was hide from this reality. But then I fell asleep and when I woke up this morning to the giggly voices coming up the hall to see us, I knew that there is no place I would rather be.
We need the cure, we DESERVE the cure. No Mom or Dad or Husband or Wife should have to worry that T1 is going to take their loved one in the middle of the night. To my fellow soldiers in this war, I wish you great numbers, hugs and the strength we need to carry on.


Wendy said...

Profound post.

My heart is still aching...hugs to you.

Hugs to D families everywhere.

Meri said...

Your post was beautifully written. We try so hard to build our days around diabetes, and pretend our days are completely normal...and then something like this hits us. I always have to cry it out, and pick myself back up in the morning, and continue on with our normal.

(((HUGS))) to your family.

Joanne said...

Amen to everything you said. Especially the needing a cure part.