Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How did I get here?

I took a drive this morning. I dropped my sweet girls off at the PreK / K school they attend. I then came home, dug up a social security card, birth certificate, vaccination records, reference letters, my driver's license and the 22 page booklet I had to fill out. I walked up the street and handed all of these things over to the office administrator at the elementary school. Ms. J got registered for 1st grade this morning. I am so excited for her, yet I can't figure out how she got to this point - wasn't it just yesterday that she was that sweet little babe that we so carefully drove home with from the hospital? She is funny and smart and reading on a 2nd grade level (I think the 7 kids in her kindygarten class has been a HUGE benefit). She loves school, "being crafty" and anything to do with dolphins. She would wear a sundress every day if I'd let her and she may have quite a future as a diplomat.

I have already requested to meet with the school nurse in July to review our 504 plan. I am going to be a regular fixture at that school for the foreseeable future, they might as well get to know me now. We've already done this, now it's just on a bigger scale.....we'll make it, right? This has me more nervous that the first day I went back to work after having her. I pity the fool that messes with my baby...teachers, school nurse, principals and office staff consider yourselves warned.


Meri said...

You will make it! Change is hard every year. How the teacher handles it all is a roll of the dice. Good luck on your elementary school journey! In my experience though, my diabetic boys handle it all with more maturity than all the adults combined. :)

LaLa said...

Everyone says the time goes by so fast - OMG - it really does. I remember people saying that when my oldest was born and now she is 6. Where does the time go??

Glad you are posting again!

Any word on the J O B?

Wendy said...

I could have written this myself! Addy will be in 1st grade next year...when did that happen??????

We'll get through it together, my friend!