Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The To Do List from Hell

I am a list maker. I have a master "to do list" that I put everything on, usually this list has about 100 items on it, give or take a few. I have everyday things, such as pick up prescriptions, pay water bill, make dentist appointments on it and projects I want "to do". Whenever I get to cross things off my list, it makes me happy. However, I'm finding that lately I've been adding more to my list than I'm crossing off. We have a few "sitches" (abbreviation for situations) going on at our house and I'm muddling through the best I can. Due to these sitches, my list has grown to a stressful 127 items - with 40 of them being time sensitive. Time sensitive in that they need to get done before April 23rd. So why am I blogging instead of accomplishing my task list you ask? I am stressed and I need the mental break - the next week I most likely won't be around much, which makes me sad. If I am around, I'm hoping that someone will tell me to get back to work.

We are moving. Not far, same zip code, same school zone and closer to a great friend of mine. We are renters for the time being (damn that CA housing market) and the owners of our current resident are moving back to town = bummer. We have volunteers ready to help us move, it's just a matter of getting us ready to move. So in 12 days we are moving from one house to another and taking all our stuff with us. Good thing I'm not working now, because somebody has to purge and pack....I really loathe packing. I love the purging part of it - that feels good, but the part where I have to load up boxes and go through everything in my house is really annoying and stressful. I'm grateful that the girls are in school 3 days a week, I can purge their clothing and toys without their watchful gaze and I can get an entire room packed without a single request for a drink or a snack or a blood sugar check.

Have I mentioned that my sweet, loving husband is leaving to go out of town tomorrow -for TEN days - yes, the entire time I will be getting us ready to move. We've known about his trip for 3 months, but last month his boss changed the dates.....how convenient, right? He's lucky it's for training or I would have cancelled his flight myself. So while he's off learning about new machines and how to build them and maintain them, I'm going to be here, living amongst the chaos that is moving. But I'm not bitter......really I'm not.

I'll be stocking up on energy drinks, caffeine in any form and pizza coupons for this move. Please wish us luck..we gonna need it.


Meri said...

You are speaking to my heart here friend. We too, are moving. Except we need to put our house on the market first...and that happens when it is ready. And it is so not ready. We have been doing some here and there. (Purging A LOT) but we have so much more to do, it is depressing. I know it is kinda sick, but I envy your timeline. If I HAD to have the house ready by a certain date maybe we would get our patooties in gear. But alas, it is on our own clock and life gets in the way.

You husband gone? That is harsh. I am so sorry. Packing is so much work...sending you good vibes from a fellow Californian!

Joanne said...

Wow, that is some to-do list. I was just stressing over mine (and also blogging instead of doing something about it). I think I need a helper monkey or something.

Good luck with the packing/moving/dealing with your husband being gone stuff. Mine is out of town right now and it SUCKS, so I feel for ya.

Wendy said...

I think I'm nauseated now...I feel your pain, my friend. We moved 4 years ago and I swore I'd never do it again...but...then again, we've moved 6 times in 10 years. Who knows what tomorrow brings. For now, I'm still sticking to my plan of not moving anytime soon...

I will pray for you. If I were close, I'd come help you!!!!!!!!!!!

LaLa said...

Oh man . . . that sounds so stressful! Good luck with all that you need to do!!

connie said...

Ouch!!! That's quite a to-do list, hope you are able to cross a few things off of it :) Good luck with moving, I can't imagine doing all of that on your own.