Sunday, April 18, 2010

Looks can be deceiving

I'm so ready for the happy girls above to return to our house. This weekend has been no fun for them and they haven't been shy about letting me know. I can't believe that sorting, packing and laundry are not fun for them - are they crazy? There have been tantrums, whining, crying and then I had to send them to their rooms. BUT, the bright spot - because you know there always has to be at least their sugars have been spectacular. Potty training for Little G has taken a really good turn and I did get to sleep in this morning (should have been up and getting ready for church, but that just wasn't happening today). Hopefully the weather will be better and we can get out and play a bit tomorrow. Sorry for the run-ons and whining....I just needed to vent.

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connie said...

Hey, we all need to vent once in awhile :) I am so happy that you have been having spectacular blood sugars! Sometimes that's all it takes to make our day :)