Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Best Gift - EVER

My sweet, sweet husband thought of the perfect gift for Mother's Day this year. To his credit he is a damn good gift giver to start with, but I think this present truly topped everything he's ever given me. I will treasure his gift far longer than I would flowers, chocolate or even jewelry. He has given me the one thing I didn't think it was possible to offer to another human. That is TIME.

Wayne works nights, I think I've mentioned this a few times. He leaves for work at 9pm and gets home somewhere around 7am. He is not here for the night checks and he is asleep during the day when the rest of the world is in full swing. Reading that sentence, you might think that he's a slacker, but he's not. When I was working at JDRF, he picked the girls up from school 3 days a week at 2:30pm and hung out with them until I got home around 6ish. If I was working on Mondays & Fridays he would go to the whole day without sleep so we didn't have to pay someone else out the wazoo to watch the girls. He cooks, he cleans, he runs errands, he mows the yard and he's a phenomenal father at the same time. He is my foundation and my rock and I could not imagine anyone better suited for this crazy life of ours. He is hilarious and quirky and ridiculously smart too. But most of all, he loves me. Whether I've missed taking a shower, not brushed my hair, burned dinner or called him in the middle of the night after something awful like one of the girls having a seizure, he loves me and he NEVER forgets to tell me so. I count my blessings for him every single night.

Back to the point of this post - Wayne's Mother's Day gift to me was TIME. He took the week off from work to give me a vacation. Starting today, he is doing all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, errands, taking/dropping the girls at school, night checks, early morning wake up calls from hungry kids. I get to REST. I get to SLEEP IN. I can go piddle my time away in the mall or a scrapbook store or taking pictures. I get ME time. With the understanding of course that I can and will call whenever I feel the need to check in and see how everything is going. Not that he can't handle it, because he absolutely can, I'm just not used to turning the reins over completely. We're also going to take some time on Thursday while the girls are at school and go on a DATE. We don't go on dates very's been months since our last one, it may have even been last year.

This is the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me. I'm SO screwed when Father's Day comes...I got nothin'


Meri said...

You are totally screwed when fathers day can never top this gift. IT IS AMAZING!!!!

Enjoy your week. And give your husband a high five for me!

connie said...

That is AMAZING!!! What a wonderful gift, you are a lucky girl my friend :)

Your husband definately knows how to give the perfect gift, enjoy every minute of it!