Monday, April 19, 2010

We're all Rockstars in our own minds....

Visit Diabetic Rockstar

Yes, I should be packing right now - but I've got Little G all over me for cuddle time today. SO, while I was reclining with her, I jumped on Facebook to check in. I have several groups that I support on FB and I'm always looking for new resources for T1 and similar to the blogworld, I've met some really kind people.

So, while I'm on FB today - one of my T1 friends posts that she's now a fan of Diabetic Rockstar. What's that you say? I'm a rockstar, my whole family are rockstars so I clickety click my way over to the DR fan page to read up on this group that had to have been started for my family. Great links, great outlook and I LOVE what they do - it's all about support and fighting this disease. I felt like they had been inside my brain when they wrote their mission statement. One day I would love to have a non-profit to pay it forward and this one has truly inspired me. This foundation was started by a 27 year old, newly diagnosed T1 that knew he had to do something. The short summary of his story is quite sweet.

I poked around a bit, I registered as a member and I love the question they ask....are you a Diabetic Rockstar? Parent of a DR? Non-diabetic aka Abnormal? Honestly I feel like I'm all of the above, however I signed up as a parent......but we all know I'm the abnormal one in my house. Pop on over if you so desire, it's a nice site and they have groups that are organized by specialty - T1, T2, Parents, etc. Always good to have another resource in that ginormous freaking back of accessories we all carry.

Okay, back to packing.....uhaul out!


Meri said...

Sounds like my kind of fun! I'll have to search it out. :)

LaLa said...

Whaaaat? Your on FB? And we're not friends? Hellooooo!!!! I'm addicted to FB. Friend me?

Naomi Kingery said...

I'm Naomi from DR and clicked on your blog link from your this post! Thank you for writing this! You seem like such a woman of strength and compassion. You have me as a new blog reader:-)

Letherton said...

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