Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Things

Since I'm still looking for my "dream job" and trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up I thought that it was time to start doing some volunteer work. Two weeks ago I began volunteering at the Dallas JDRF. I talked to the office manager to get the details on when most volunteers come in, etc. and after talking to my hubby, we figured out the day that would work easiest with our schedule. Make that his schedule because my volunteering means that he gives up sleep during the day AND stays up with Little G. Graveyard shift is a killer on normal daytime activities I tell ya.

Fast forward to my first day of volunteering. I arrive and am introduced to the folks in the office, the other volunteers that are already busy little bees and I begin my job for the day. I was asked to write thank you notes that are sent to donors telling a little about our story. After a few of the folks in the office read my note and heard more of the details of the story I was a mini-celebrity of sorts. I was flattered and a little scared that everyone was now so very aware of my family with the diabetic hubby and 2 girls that are all Type 1. I went home feeling like this was a place where I could make a difference, even if temporarily until I find a full-time job and can again be a monetarily contributing member of my household.

So this past Tuesday, I again arrived to volunteer. I was met by on of the office managers and given a pre-audit task (ie, lots of matching and documenting what you're missing type things). The Executive Director found out that I was there and came to talk to me. We moved into an office I told her "our" story and gave her a little bit of an idea as to how we manage our household. She thanked me repeatedly for volunteering and asked how often I thought I might be available to volunteer, when I told her that I was committed to Tuesdays every week until I found a job she got huge tears in her eyes. She asked what my background was and if I would be interested in temp work. She went on to explain that they have a hiring freeze (color me shocked) but that they can bring temps in to help with the walk and the gala. She also said that once the freeze is lifted there may be a place for me there and that she would love to consider me for a full time position. My dream job would be to work at the JDRF and to help make more research possible and more families find the support they need.

I got a call yesterday afternoon from Nancy at JDRF and WE, my entire family has been asked to speak at a donation kick-off next week at a major contributors office next week. They have specifically asked that we bring both girls and that hubby and I talk to the group. I am excited and nervous and SO relieved that hubby will be next to me. Maybe this is why I was moved to volunteer, maybe that higher power needed me to land in this place at this time so that I might be able to make a difference and put a face to diabetes. I just hope I am worthy.

Monday, February 2, 2009

3 blogs removed and an exciting contest - for a great cause!

This morning as I was catching up on my favorite blogs, I saw a link in Kory's blog about one of the blogs that she reads MckMama's that had a link to yet another blog A Sister for Bean with a contest you can participate in, possibly win a great prize package and help bring a much wanted child home to the family that so heartfully wants her. Since February is the month to celebrate love, and what is sweeter than the love you have for your children - helping another couple bring home an already much loved child is a slam dunk, yes? Got check it out, so that this 3rd blog removed might get some love from this great blogging community we belong to.