Thursday, August 20, 2009

38 Things About Me

Birthday Edition of 38 Things About Me.....with updates on last years list. So today is my 38th Birthday and boy have things changed for me since I turned 37.

1. I happily supported the move out of California to Texas, and have not regretted it once.
2. I met Rick Springfield in person this year and sadly was disappointed
3. I am now the odd man out in my house, Little G now has Type 1, so I'm surrounded
4. I have decided not to watch American Idol since Adam Lambert lost
5. I hate reality TV - the Bachelor, Bachelorette, Survivor, Big Brother
6. I have met some truly amazing people this year
7. I miss my girlfriends in CA
8. I am working on creating a family recipe book for my mom for Christmas
9. I am inspired by Jill & Michelle's Creative Fridays and am working on incorporating a Creative Day into my week
10. I am learning to make bracelets for the girls, so they can wear their medical tags
11. My alarm is country music - I find it easier to wake up to than anything else
12. I'm addicted to Whataburger's Chicken Sandwich
13. I started collecting letter E's and have them hanging over our fireplace
14. I LOVE Facebook and how it has put me back in touch with so many people
15. I follow over 20 blogs, but only read about 10 on any given day
16. I work for the JDRF here in Dallas and it's the BEST place to work (UPDATE FROM LAST YEAR'S LIST)
17. I go by my highschool nickname at work now - apparently it's easier for everyone to remember (?!)
18. I finally got the digital camera I've been pining for, for 4 years
19. I'm contemplating cutting my hair short
20. I am considering getting a second tattoo with the girls initials within it
21. I have a new appreciation for soy milk
22. I am already planning a vacation with my BFF to celebrate our 40th birthdays in 2years
23. I have bought more high heels in the last year than I ever did when I was working in a true office
24. I really miss my cooking club in CA and hope to start one up here very soon
25. I look forward to "movie night" every Friday night with the girls, probably more than they do
26. I'm already looking forward to the holidays and I have lists of everything from Christmas present ideas to decorating projects
27. I haven't been able to find a good sushi restaurant in Dallas
28. I have become fearless when it comes to my kids
29. I loved the Twilight series and feel like a teenage when I read the books
30. I flew to CA for less than 24 hours and it was the best adventure I've had in a long time
31. I held the most special, beloved baby boy this year - my best friend from high school's son, I fell in love with him the minute he batted his baby blues
32. I am challenging myself in ways that I never thought I would - public speaking in front of 300 kids???? Oh My
33. I am really proud of the way Wayne and I have come together with our move, my going back to work and how much he has taken on since we moved
34. I am enjoying a lot of different music these days - it's pretty diverse nowadays
35. I am determined to work on my time management skills, for now, I have NONE
36. I still watch General Hospital, but usually 5-6 episodes at a time
37. I have a secret boy crush - but he's famous, so it's harmless
38. I'm celebrating my birthday this year a little differently, we went on a road trip last weekend, I'm getting a mani/pedi after work today and I have no other plans to celebrate with anything else since Waynerd has to work.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seriously, how much more?

Normally, I try to have a "God does not give you more than you can handle" outlook - but I have to tell you, the big man and I need to have a heart to heart. In my house, I live with my husband and 2 daughters, all three of whom have Type 1 Diabetes. Collectively, there are 15 shots a day, 14-18 finger pokes to check their blood sugar and constant adjustments to dosages. This is ALOT to handle everyday. Not to mention all of the extra drs. appointments, prescriptions and extra money that seems to fly out of our account every month for the "out-of-pocket" portion of the show.
NOW, my youngest, Little G, is showing signs of Celiac Disease - where your body cannot tolerate gluten of any kind. It does damage to the stomach, the esophagus and can cause lots of problems if it goes untreated. We're hoping to get in for the bloodtests today, and of course we don't want bad news, but not knowing is messing with my mood (of course PMS isn't helping matters either, yeah for Mother Nature), my sleep and it makes me cry everytime Little G tells me her tummy hurts.
Sorry for the rant, but I'm on overload right now and I'm a little overwhelmed.