Friday, May 28, 2010

Did I really just say that?

As the mom of 2 children with type 1, I often has people who ask questions, make observations and occasionally that one jackass steps up with a real humdinger of a comment. I always welcome questions and I am happy to educate anyone that takes the time to strike up a conversation. Most of the time I bite my tongue and give a very heavily medically termed explanation for the jackass - I still feel that part of my journey with T1 is that of educator - it might just help someone else or even one of my girls one day.

My post today is dedicated to those jackasses out there that open their mouths and stay the most ridiculous things, either without regards to the person their saying them to or because they don't care. My disclaimer on the little story I'm about to share is that it had been a rough night blood sugar wise, I had a raging headache and PMS was rearing it's ugly head. SO, I might have been a tad intolerant. The only part about this that I feel bad about is that I was in the nursery at church when this conversation took place, so unfortunately I will be seeing this person again. Yeah buddy.

We go to the later service at church, it starts at 10:30, ends at 11:45 - I step out at 11:30 to go check Little G's sugar. I head to the nursery where she's playing with her friends to do this. Last Sunday I walk in, say hello to the gals that are watching all the littles and say "G, come here please, we need to check sugars" to which this other mom, who had been sitting on the floor whips around and says "for what?". I tell her that Little G has diabetes and we have to check her sugars regularly to which she replies "I would just DIE if one of my kids was diabetic, it's just SO sad". There must have been a delay in my censor turning on because before I even thought about it I said "no, unfortunately it would be your child who would die, because this isn't optional and you have to put your big girl panties on and deal with it." Enter that really uncomfortable silence and 2 awkward stares from the teenagers that work in the nursery. I finished checking Little G's sugars, signed her out and said goodbye to everyone. To say I was furious is an understatement and then I ran into the gal who oversees the nursery (who is also a teacher at the school there, so I know her pretty well). I told her what had just gone down and prepared her for a complaint about my harshness and she laughed, said that this particular mom finally ran into someone that would give as good as she got. She didn't expect any fallout from it, and she was right. I'm looking forward to church this weekend....I promise to take my Midol before I go. Maybe with a chaser of Prozac.

My wish is that every person out there that thinks it's okay to not use that censor reconsider how their comments will be taken by the other person...especially if that other person happens to be a mother. Apparently stupidity knows no bounds and I hit max capacity on it last Sunday.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week - We like to move it, move it!

Exercise is necessary for everyone, whether we like it or not. Wayne and I are finally getting back to working out, we know that we are the example that the girls turn to the most.

The girls are very active and spend as much time as possible outside. I think they could easily live in a tree house so long as it had a microwave and flavored water. They love to go for walks, ride their bikes, pull weeds and chase bugs. They spent 2 hours outside this morning learning to use their kiddo-sized racquets to play badminton. They have recess every day at school for 40 minutes, sometimes they're outside, sometimes they're in the gym. The teachers run with them and make sure that everyone is active. We will be starting swim lessons in a few weeks and Little G has just announced she wants to start taking dance lessons. Ms.J has talked off and on about playing soccer, maybe we'll sign up in the fall.

We always check before, during (about 30 minutes in), and after. The girls react differently to exercise, one is high right afterwards, then crashes 2 hours later while the other one will be lower but rebounds 1 hour later with considerable highs. We always make sure they have lots of water and ALWAYS plenty of sunscreen.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week - We're Watching our Carbs

Since neither of our girls are pumpers, we watch our carbs. My hubby does too. Both girls have a carb target per meal, per snack and for quick sugar. We are fairly consistent with our meal times, but we are also flexible enough to know that sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. We always have snacks with us and their meters are never more than an arm's length away.

There are times when we have birthday parties at school, but most of the mom's that bring goodies to school are kind enough to make sugar free frosting and also make smaller cupcakes for all the kids. LOVE OUR SCHOOL. We don't think that it's wrong to let the girls celebrate with their friends. Does it mean a bigger shot for them? Yes. Does it mean that they can sit next to their friends and lick the cool whip off the top of a cupcake and make a silly face just like everyone else? Hell yes. This doesn't happen very often, so we're okay when it does. We don't do dessert at our house very often (maybe once a month) so their little goodies are appreciated and enjoyed which is the way it should be.

We have our go-to snacks and fast sugars that we always have on hand and we're always on the look out for new ideas.

Thank you to everyone that has been sharing this week. I haven't been able to read everyone's yet, and I'm way behind on my comments too. But I am eating all of this up with a big spoon and fat McDonald's straw. Thank you, thank you!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week - Our Biggest Supporter

This one will be pretty short, sweet and to the point. Our family has been blessed with a list of fantastic people that have truly stepped up to the plate. Our list has just a many names, but just 3 categories.

1. Our family. Starting with my mom. When Ms.J was dx'd, she spent those 2 days at the hospital with us, sat through the education sessions and the time spent with the nutritionist & dietician and most of the appointments before we moved to Texas. When we moved she was most upset at the idea of anyone besides her taking care of the girls, but especially Ms.J in the event that something should happen. Once Little G was dx'd, she became even more fierce (some might wonder where I get my passion, it's all from my Mama). Our girls are the main reason she is moving to Texas, she feels like they need her and who are we to argue? We all need her.

Now, my SIL's Eileen & Annette, here in TX are fantastic as well. When Little G was dx'd they went to the 101 class with us and are really great when it comes to keeping the girls on the very rare occasion that we ask. They don't volunteer to keep them, but have never said no when asked. Keep in mind that neither of them have children of their own, so it's not like they come equipped for the day to day stuff. But they are wonderful and I'm so grateful that they have not shyed away from any of it. Plus they both walked on our team last year for the Walk to Cure - so we got doubly lucky!

2. Our school. The director at the girls' school, Leslie is nothing short of phenomenal and fearless and ALWAYS acts with the girls' well being in mind. If she has questions, she calls. If she second guesses her knowledge or ours, she always asks. She is fantastic and is the first person outside of our immediate family that I have ever let take care of the girls. I will love her forever for the sense of security she has provided Wayne & I. All of the teachers know the signs and symptoms and have really taken a genuine interest in learning about T1 - unfortunately one of them had a child dx'd with T1 less than a month ago, so she has a good support system already in place. Plus, they let us have a School Walk - actually it was Bounce for 'Betes in the bounce houses - but we raised a boatload of cash for our tiny school of 32 kids. They're all awesome.

3. The D-Mom Community. All the rants and raves and frustrations that I've aired in my blog haven't prevented most of my "regular followers" (all 9 of you)from commenting and offering that note of comfort that we're not in it alone and that yes, T1 does suck ass and that it's okay to not be the happy face of dealing with it that I sometimes try to keep on. Wow, sorry for the run-on sentence. But I do love our little community and the knowledge and the experiences that are shared teach me something every time I read one of your blogs or a comment on FB. More than once you have provided a little warm place where I can go and let down the guard for a bit and just let it fly and I cannot thank you all enough for being here. I wish there wasn't a reason for any of us to be connected this way, but I'm damn glad you're all here. MUAH!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week - Making the Low Go

I have 4 things on my "grab here first" shelf in the cabinet that houses all of our supplies for the girls. I have 3 things on the list for my hubby as it seems to take about double the amount to get him back on track without another crash an hour later.

Whenever we are going to be in the car for more than a local ride, we take our "car kit" with us. This stays packed with everything we need for all 3 of my T1s and a few snackies for me too. We use a large cooler lunch box/bag and we have enough juices, nuts, dried cranberries, fruit leathers, sugar tabs, cake gels and bottled water to get us by for at least 1/2 day. Plus I always have extra supplies in my purse, just in case. We also have an extra tester and pokers, syringes and alcohol wipes, plus hand sanitizer to use in a pinch.

For the girls, we have sugar tabs, Juicy Juice 4oz. juice boxes, unsweetened applesauce, and cake gel. Cake gel has been a necessity more than once with each of the girls and when they are super low it is the fastest way to get their sugars up short of glucagon.

Our rule is simple - whenever we go to Walmart we grab a bottle of sugar tabs, both girls will eat them and they are very quick to find while digging in your purse while in traffic and you can leave them in the car without them melting during the summer too. Cake gel I seem to find at Hobby Lobby more easily than I can find it in a grocery store or even a store like Target or Walmart, weird but true. I always buy the smallest ones I can find and I keep them in a bowl on the "Grab Here first" shelf.

For Wayne it is a little more difficult. Lows will wake him up out of a dead sleep (thank God for that)but he is usually very uncommunicative. He is usually half asleep and depending on how low he is, he can struggle with putting words together. I have learned to recognize the look and the little beads of sweat on his head. I usually start with a glass of juice (15g) and while he's working on that I make him a PBnJ. I cut it in half and he usually eats the first half and then puts the other half on the nightstand in case he wakes up later. We have gotten in the habit of stocking his nightstand with stuff for him - juice, peanut butter crackers, applesauce and sugar tabs(this is a last resort for him, he hates them). I feel better knowing that he has stuff close by so that he can help himself if I'm not home.

Milk has worked with all my T1s, but it usually upsets their stomach after the fact so it is our very last resort. I know people that this works really well for, so for anyone reading this blog that might be gathering information it is certainly noteworthy. Regular soda is also something that people use, we have made the choice not to give our girls soda so this isn't something we have done - but I know with Wayne it works really well once he gets back the taste of the full sugar soda (he loves his Diet Dr.Pepper).

Monday, May 10, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week - A Day In The Life

Our days are pretty consistent in terms of whether the girls are at school or not. For the purposes of this post, I'm going to put the differences in parentheses () to indicate what would happen if they were in school. They both are in school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so we have them most of the time. Here goes, hope this doesn't come out like the swirling jacuzzi tub that is my brain right now.

12:30am - Sugar check, head up the stairs with meters, sugar tabs, juice, shots & ketone strips. Since we've moved to the new house the girls are sharing a room by choice, so I can literally sit on the floor between their beds and do their checks. Lows - juice first if they're too sleepy, sugar tabs if they wake up by me talking to them. Corrective doses if they're over 300.

3:30am - sugar check, same routine as before except I've usually left all their gear upstairs on the dresser. If 2nd check is over 250 still then I wake them up and it's pee on the strip time.

6:30am - my alarm goes off, usually try to get up ASAP to get a shower before Ms. J hears me.

7:00am - wake the girls up, sugar check, shots - Humalog & 1/2 dose of Lantus, breakfast (get ready for school)

8:15am -(leave for school), play outside or watch a movie depends on the weather.

9:30am - sugar check, correction if needed, snack and read a book

10am-11:30am - errands, computer time for me - I AM still looking for a job ya know...LOL

11:30am-1pm - sugar check, shots, lunch, more playtime

1pm-2pm - quiet time, Ms. J practices her reading, I work on colors, numbers and writing with Little G

2pm - sugar check, corrective dose if needed and snack

2:30pm - (pick girls up from school)

3pm-5:30pm - God willing a nap for everyone or a movie, Phineaus & Ferb, arts and crafts too.

6pm -7pm - sugar check, shots - 2nd 1/2 of Lantus as well, dinner

7pm -9pm - baths/showers, homework, a little tv, bedtime stories, lights out for the girls

9pm - Wayne leaves for work

9pm-when it gets done - laundry, dishes, reloading supplies, blogging, reading, catching up on DVR shows, scrapbooking, uploading photos, falling asleep on the sofa still fully clothed with my cell phone in my hand so I don't miss my wakeup calls.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Best Gift - EVER

My sweet, sweet husband thought of the perfect gift for Mother's Day this year. To his credit he is a damn good gift giver to start with, but I think this present truly topped everything he's ever given me. I will treasure his gift far longer than I would flowers, chocolate or even jewelry. He has given me the one thing I didn't think it was possible to offer to another human. That is TIME.

Wayne works nights, I think I've mentioned this a few times. He leaves for work at 9pm and gets home somewhere around 7am. He is not here for the night checks and he is asleep during the day when the rest of the world is in full swing. Reading that sentence, you might think that he's a slacker, but he's not. When I was working at JDRF, he picked the girls up from school 3 days a week at 2:30pm and hung out with them until I got home around 6ish. If I was working on Mondays & Fridays he would go to the whole day without sleep so we didn't have to pay someone else out the wazoo to watch the girls. He cooks, he cleans, he runs errands, he mows the yard and he's a phenomenal father at the same time. He is my foundation and my rock and I could not imagine anyone better suited for this crazy life of ours. He is hilarious and quirky and ridiculously smart too. But most of all, he loves me. Whether I've missed taking a shower, not brushed my hair, burned dinner or called him in the middle of the night after something awful like one of the girls having a seizure, he loves me and he NEVER forgets to tell me so. I count my blessings for him every single night.

Back to the point of this post - Wayne's Mother's Day gift to me was TIME. He took the week off from work to give me a vacation. Starting today, he is doing all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, errands, taking/dropping the girls at school, night checks, early morning wake up calls from hungry kids. I get to REST. I get to SLEEP IN. I can go piddle my time away in the mall or a scrapbook store or taking pictures. I get ME time. With the understanding of course that I can and will call whenever I feel the need to check in and see how everything is going. Not that he can't handle it, because he absolutely can, I'm just not used to turning the reins over completely. We're also going to take some time on Thursday while the girls are at school and go on a DATE. We don't go on dates very's been months since our last one, it may have even been last year.

This is the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me. I'm SO screwed when Father's Day comes...I got nothin'

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sickness, Moving and More Sickness - Oh Crap!

I was sick the week before Wayne left town for work, seriously sick - knocked me on my arse for 2 days sick. As an adult I don't ever remember being that sick. I was exhausted, had this horrible cough and my ears felt like I was underwater. No, I didn't go to the dr., I was prepared to shake it off - and I have, it just took longer than I thought it would. Then of course while Wayne was gone Little G got sick and we spent a good 2 days of cuddle time and doctors visits before she was back on her game.

On Thursday, the 22nd, our new landlord called to say that we could get into the house that day (fantastic news so I could clean and get the bathrooms & kitchen set up first thing). I drove by the house 3 times and each time they were still moving stuff out, so we went back to the old house and packed and got some stuff together. Got the call that they were out, with the disclaimer that they had not done any deep cleaning, just basic stuff - they had only lived in the house for 4 months, how dirty could it be? WRONG!!!! When I hit the front door I was hit in the face with the stench of cigarette smoke and this weird funk...I'm not sure if it's teenage funk or what, but it's God awful, lemme tell ya. The former tenants hadn't cleaned ANYTHING, not the toothpaste off the faucet, not the food left in the kitchen sink - NADA. These people had 4 kids, 3 teenagers and a baby (whose crib was in the master when we looked at the house)- but seriously, this was worse than any frat guy apartment I witnessed in college. There was at least a 1/4 inch of black filth on the fan in the master bedroom - I gagged when I really got a good look at it. You have a baby sleeping in your room, what the HELL is wrong with you? So, the cleaning took a lot more time than expected - and the smell of smoke and funk still isn't out of the house completely. One of our new neighbors (who is an ICU RN & fantastic) made several suggestions on how to get rid of the smells....we pretty much live with all the windows open right now. Our landlord has been very apologetic and is willing to do whatever we need to get it all taken care of, but in the mean time GROSS!

Then came Friday the 23rd, after spending the day cleaning and moving some of the smaller stuff over, Wayne came home from NC. The girls and I were at the airport to meet him and all was right in our world for a few brief moments. We had thunderstorms that night which Little G slept right through, but Ms. J came flying down the hall after one little roll of thunder - I slept through it all. My backup was home and I was finally able to shut down completely. Saturday, I woke up feeling like a million bucks. We asked one of the Aunties to take the girls for the weekend so we could really focus on getting the move done. Auntie A was kind enough to say yes when we asked her, so I put together very explicit directions with ratios, snacks, and instructions for Little G's antibiotics. I packed the cooler bag with appropriate snacks, everything for lows an extra tester and the rest of their supplies and of course our second bible, the Calorie King book. Auntie A went to the 101 class with us here at Children's, so we're pretty comfortable with her taking the girls and they so love their Auntie A. Plus, we both carried our cells in our pocket just in case.

The move was rough, we have way more stuff than either of us remembered having before and it was just the 2 of us on Saturday. We didn't stop until about midnight and were up at 7:30 on Sunday to get ready to move furniture - Wayne's other sister E came over to help with that thank goodness! We knocked most of the rest of it out, knowing we had one more load to do on Monday and then we could clean the old house. Auntie A was kind enough to bring the girls home (she lives in North Dallas)and they showed up exhausted, happy and shoe-less. Ms. J apparently left her new favorite sandals at Auntie's house and had just jumped in the truck ready to rock n roll. Little G had taken hers off in the backseat while she settled in for a nap. They spent tons of time outside, took long walks, went to McD's (YUCK) and even got a shopping trip to Target with Auntie. She spoils them rotten - really, really rotten ($100 dollars on Easter baskets for them = ROTTEN). But she loves them and is so great to them - they would love her if she took them around the block in a wagon, but she has this desire to spoil the crap out of them, and she has fantastic taste, and won't be denied so why fight it?

So, now we're at last Monday and Wayne is at the old house getting stuff together and in walks the owner of the house new tenant in tow. We hadn't turned in keys yet, so technically we still had possession of said house - but he was pretty cool and gave us until the end of the day - at the same time reminding him that the power and water had already been turned off...WTH? So, we finished the move, wiped everything down, mopped the floors thanks to the melted ice in the kitchen sink...and now only have one stinky house to worry about. Our new landlord made the drive from LA to see the carnage and she was visibly upset - she actually lived in this house, so it's personal. I felt horrible - we asked her about doing the touch up painting, etc. and she told us where everything was and that she would take $200 off next month's rent if we would do that. YAHOO!

During all of this rigmarole, I was asked to coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week at the girls' school. Holy Crap! I sent out my letter, made my plea for support and money and then sat back and prayed these great ladies would be given the support they so deserve. The response has been a little slow, but fantastic none the less. So, we're gearing up for a great week at our little school, with these wonderful ladies I love them all and they are nothing short of angels. We have a fantastic little community and I feel blessed to be part of it all.

I relapsed last week too, right around Wednesday. I felt like someone had had their way with me with a Mack Truck, I had no energy, I had snot and a headache and no desire to do a damn thing. I barely got off the sofa and made Wayne take the girls to and fro school and told him he was in charge of dinner, dishes, etc. He was seriously annoyed that I was sick again, apparently it takes some kind of nerve to get that sick so close to the last time I was sick. It was at that point that I reminded him that it wasn't about him and that he needed to shut his piehole. He profusely apologized and has been flying right since. Nothing like pissing off a sick woman and getting the what for, huh?

We actually did have a little fun while Waynerd was in NC - I even have pics of it somewhere..I get those posted next. But we are moved and getting healthier and we are all together again which means that all is right in my world. I hope the same is true for all of you!