Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh My Blog!!!

I've been bad. Very, very bad. I'm back and I really want to have a better relationship moving forward. May I explain?

Since the end of June, my world has been crazy. My mom relocated to Texas from Northern California and arrived Father's Day weekend. The very next week I was presented with a great job opportunity that has provided me with a sense of worth again. Not to mention I love what I do and the pay ain't too bad either.

In July we had Ms.J assessed to bypass kindergarten (her birthday is 9/3 so she missed the cutoff by 2 days). Unfortunately the testing was not what was explained to us and while she did phenomenally in most areas, one of the areas she was just 2 points off where she had to be and that was that. Although in the voicemail that was left giving me to news (yes, it was left on voicemail)they recommended we have her tested for Gifted & Talented in the spring. Huh? I'm still confused by that. So, she's the smartest and most mature kindergartener in the school. I was less than thrilled but I feel that I need to choose my battles and this was not one that would go my way, so I made my feelings known and dropped it. She has the most fabulous teacher and they are like little kindred spirits and it makes me sad to think she could have missed out on being in her class.

Little G is back in preschool, with her favorite teacher and learning so much it's a really exciting to watch her grow. I wasn't sure how she would do being at school without her sister, but she has truly blossomed into a little leader and her own little soul. The Director from last year has returned to teaching at an elementary school nearby, so there was some apprehension of how things would go this year with testing, shots and carb counting. I'm happy to say that she's fantastic and while not at diligent about calling me throughout the day, she is someone that I trust completely.

Speaking of trust. Have a mentioned how FANTASTIC Ms.J's school has been with her care? The school nurse, Mrs. R is nothing short of amazing and she trained every adult (including the principal & vice principal) that will be involved with Ms.J during any given day on how to test her sugar and what to do based on what her numbers are. So far, the principal has been given the task of checking her during a low and one of the PE teachers has carried her from the playground in to the nurses office during a low (it was a bit dramatic, but he panicked a little). It has been so much better than I even prayed for. Certainly makes me feel much better about working 25 miles away from home everyday.

My mom being here has given us another element of support that we haven't had since we moved here. It's nice that Wayne & I can have date night and have a back up in the event of sickness or a late work night. We are truly blessed that she made this decision to move near us - I couldn't have asked for any more.

Happy Halloween tonight and I hope you're all having fun with your littles or the scary little goblins that come to your door in search of sugar filled treats!