Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mr. President

As much as anyone else in the free world, I was moved to tears more than once as President Obama was sworn in. The warmth I felt from the exiting President and his family put a "feel good" touch on the day for me. I feel full of hope and ready for change in this great country of ours.
Since we live in Texas now, in a suburb of the Big D no less you can imagine the fanfare of Former President Bush and the Mrs. returning home that same day. My hubby is from Midland, home of both G.W & Laura so that was cool to watch them touch down in Midland before heading to their ranch. The folks in the neighborhood where the Bushes are moving to are rolling out the red carpets for them, signs, flags, banners, you name it. For the most part people here seem to be happy to welcome them home. I for one couldn't believe the look of relief and pure joy on GW's face as he was wrapping up the festivities at the inauguration. While he may not have wanted Mr. Obama to follow him into office, he seemed genuinely happy to be giving the job to someone else. Can't say I blame him.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nightly Tale of Despereaux

Ms.J has loved books since the beginning. She will usually pick a book over a toy if given a choice and we typically have at least 3 books in the car with us at any given time. I thought we'd give a chapter book a try and see if she could sit still and focus on it if we did just one chapter each night. So New Years weekend we went to the bookstore and I helped Ms.J pick out "The Tale of Despereaux". She had been seeing the previews for the movie,so it was a pretty easy choice for her. We settled in that first night to read our chapter but she didn't understand why I stopped when the story clearly was not over with. I let her know that the good thing about books like this were that you got to read a little bit each night. We are now about half way through the book and each night, without fail she makes sure to ask me to read her chapter to her. We look at the pictures from the movie that are included in the book (8 or so total)and she's doing really well keeping all of the characters straight - which is impressive because there are A LOT. I'm already looking for our next chapter book, I'm so excited that she is enjoying the addition to our nightly routine.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Baaaaaack

I used this stuff by the gallon back in high school, after every shower, after swim practice - the almond-cherry smell takes me back. My best friend and I used to take turns buying it and sharing it in the locker room. LOVE this stuff. I saw it the other day while Ms.J and I were at WallyWorld. I turned into a 17-year old on the spot - I immediately unscrewed the lid, took a big whiff and was transported back to those days of swim caps, speedos and great tans. I was so happy that I bought one big bottle and may have to go back to stock up before they take it away from me again. Old School Baby!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 - Create

For this new year, I have decided to change things up a bit. I'm starting off small and going to see where this year takes me and add to it from here. I have never been one to make resolutions and I don't know that my new ideas necessarily count as such - more like an action plan of sorts. After reading for a few years about others choosing a word that represents what they want for themselves in the coming year, I have been inspired to do the same. I am hoping this word will keep me focused and not let so much extraneous "stuff" derail me. My word for 2009 is "CREATE". I love this word and always have and toyed between this and 2 others that are also on my list of favorite words (I'm holding on to those for possible use down the road if this works for me). I hope to "CREATE" more organization, more great memories, more fun, my dream career, a better way of life for my family and a plan to start a foundation to help those with children affected with Type 1 Diabetes.

I am also trying to take stock in the good things that take place. So for this reason alone, I have begun a gratitude journal. It's nothing fancy at this point, but I do find that focusing on the good things can take the edge off. I spend 5 minutes every night writing down all the things I'm grateful for. It really makes me take stock in those sweet moments or that wave from a neighbor we haven't met yet, even that smile from a stranger at the grocery store.

I'll update periodically, but I did want this in print so that the accountability is there. Out with the old, in with the new. Challenging yourself is good and this will be a challenge for me.