Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I feel like an ass

Just got back from the pediatrician with Little G...she has an ear infection. This is the first time ever in her 3 years that she will be taking antibiotics. I KNEW I shouldn't have said anything about the fact that neither of my girls has taken antibiotics since their DX, but no....had to open my big fat mouth and WOMP get it smacked shut. She'll be on amoxicillin and numbing drops (WTH?) twice a day. So I was gearing myself up for another round of "fax her logs" from Children's to get advice (read that NO advice)from a CDE when our pediatrician (who I LOVE) called. She is really up to date on the latest and greatest with T1 and did her internship with the endo unit at Children's, so I can talk to her without really having to go back to the beginning. Anywho - she tells me that Little G's dose will be once in the morning and once in the evening but that Amoxicillin is pretty much straight sugar so it's going to throw her numbers all out of whack. She suggested that I test her 1 hour after her dose and then again at 2 hours after her dose and adjust accordingly. She really understands my frustrations with Children's so this was a gift and I really appreciated the fact that she really simplified it for me and gave me pointers as to how to manage the spike. It's a good jumping off point at least.

I did have an OMH (Oh My Hell) moment while talking to her, I glanced into the mirror across from the exam table and seriously gasped. I look like hell, not a little, not a tad bit - full on, stressed out, not sleeping, packing, moving, single mom this week HELL. I swear I brushed my hair before I left the house...but I looked like I had just crawled out of my crypt. I have dark circles under my eyes that could define a new shade of hell. I wanted to cry, but alas, there is no time for that. I have 5 scrips to pick up today (running out of Humalog, Strips & Lantus, plus the 2 new ones)- I really think my family should qualify for the frequent buyers club on scrips. I have 3 more rooms to pack and Little G is following me like my dog when he's hungry. Hopefully I can tuck her into the sofa and let her nap until it's time to pick Ms.J up from school.

P.S. - Joanne, thank you for posting about what's been going on with Elise - it helped me wrap my head around what's going to be happening with Little G during her stint with Amoxicillin. You are awesome!

Monday, April 19, 2010

We're all Rockstars in our own minds....

Visit Diabetic Rockstar

Yes, I should be packing right now - but I've got Little G all over me for cuddle time today. SO, while I was reclining with her, I jumped on Facebook to check in. I have several groups that I support on FB and I'm always looking for new resources for T1 and similar to the blogworld, I've met some really kind people.

So, while I'm on FB today - one of my T1 friends posts that she's now a fan of Diabetic Rockstar. What's that you say? I'm a rockstar, my whole family are rockstars so I clickety click my way over to the DR fan page to read up on this group that had to have been started for my family. Great links, great outlook and I LOVE what they do - it's all about support and fighting this disease. I felt like they had been inside my brain when they wrote their mission statement. One day I would love to have a non-profit to pay it forward and this one has truly inspired me. This foundation was started by a 27 year old, newly diagnosed T1 that knew he had to do something. The short summary of his story is quite sweet.

I poked around a bit, I registered as a member and I love the question they ask....are you a Diabetic Rockstar? Parent of a DR? Non-diabetic aka Abnormal? Honestly I feel like I'm all of the above, however I signed up as a parent......but we all know I'm the abnormal one in my house. Pop on over if you so desire, it's a nice site and they have groups that are organized by specialty - T1, T2, Parents, etc. Always good to have another resource in that ginormous freaking back of accessories we all carry.

Okay, back to packing.....uhaul out!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Looks can be deceiving

I'm so ready for the happy girls above to return to our house. This weekend has been no fun for them and they haven't been shy about letting me know. I can't believe that sorting, packing and laundry are not fun for them - are they crazy? There have been tantrums, whining, crying and then I had to send them to their rooms. BUT, the bright spot - because you know there always has to be at least their sugars have been spectacular. Potty training for Little G has taken a really good turn and I did get to sleep in this morning (should have been up and getting ready for church, but that just wasn't happening today). Hopefully the weather will be better and we can get out and play a bit tomorrow. Sorry for the run-ons and whining....I just needed to vent.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The To Do List from Hell

I am a list maker. I have a master "to do list" that I put everything on, usually this list has about 100 items on it, give or take a few. I have everyday things, such as pick up prescriptions, pay water bill, make dentist appointments on it and projects I want "to do". Whenever I get to cross things off my list, it makes me happy. However, I'm finding that lately I've been adding more to my list than I'm crossing off. We have a few "sitches" (abbreviation for situations) going on at our house and I'm muddling through the best I can. Due to these sitches, my list has grown to a stressful 127 items - with 40 of them being time sensitive. Time sensitive in that they need to get done before April 23rd. So why am I blogging instead of accomplishing my task list you ask? I am stressed and I need the mental break - the next week I most likely won't be around much, which makes me sad. If I am around, I'm hoping that someone will tell me to get back to work.

We are moving. Not far, same zip code, same school zone and closer to a great friend of mine. We are renters for the time being (damn that CA housing market) and the owners of our current resident are moving back to town = bummer. We have volunteers ready to help us move, it's just a matter of getting us ready to move. So in 12 days we are moving from one house to another and taking all our stuff with us. Good thing I'm not working now, because somebody has to purge and pack....I really loathe packing. I love the purging part of it - that feels good, but the part where I have to load up boxes and go through everything in my house is really annoying and stressful. I'm grateful that the girls are in school 3 days a week, I can purge their clothing and toys without their watchful gaze and I can get an entire room packed without a single request for a drink or a snack or a blood sugar check.

Have I mentioned that my sweet, loving husband is leaving to go out of town tomorrow -for TEN days - yes, the entire time I will be getting us ready to move. We've known about his trip for 3 months, but last month his boss changed the convenient, right? He's lucky it's for training or I would have cancelled his flight myself. So while he's off learning about new machines and how to build them and maintain them, I'm going to be here, living amongst the chaos that is moving. But I'm not bitter......really I'm not.

I'll be stocking up on energy drinks, caffeine in any form and pizza coupons for this move. Please wish us luck..we gonna need it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Flashback - Celebrity Apprentice

Wayne and I have been watching Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump this season. We don't watch the normal Apprentice, but we do love to see what charities the celebs are supporting each season. I really got hooked on this show when Trace Adkins was there to support his foundation that supports children with food allergies, one of his daughters has severe food allergies. It breaks my heart to see grown men cry...but when it's over one of their children, I most likely will keep a special place in my heart for them. Seeing Trace Adkins cry when he saw his daughter at the end of the season was a sweet vision of fatherhood that I loved watching & I cried right along with him.

This season on Celebrity Apprentice, one of my least favorite contestants is supporting the American Diabetes Association - so of course I have to ignore the shivers that threaten to run down my spine whenever he opens his mouth and put my faith in him doing well. The "celebrity" that I'm referring to is Bret Michaels....ala Poison, Rock of Love 1-40 and self proclaimed rock god to dozens. He was dx with T1 when he was 6 years old and over the past few years he has become an ambassador of sorts for the ADA. The first show of the season, his team won the contest and as project manager he was able to make a $100K donation to the ADA. He was emotional and confident and so proud to turn that money over - it made me so happy that this cheeseball is on "our" team.

Last night as the show wrapped up the previews for next week's show are running and it shows Bret Michaels taking a call from one of his daughters, then him talking about her being tested for diabetes and she apparently asked him if she was going to have to take shots like him. He looked like he had just been sucker punched in the gonads. I looked over at Wayne and he got these tears, for a brief moment, and then looked away from me. I remembered the way he looked in the hospital the night that Ms. J was dx'd, she was hooked up to the iv and he was sitting in the recliner/bed holding her and crying. Nothing has ever broken my heart more than that moment. There was nothing I could do or say at that moment that would make it better or that would lift the burden that he felt and still does over our daughters dx.

Last night as I said my prayers, I included Bret Michaels and his precious daughter - I hope that she does not have T1 and that this was what we all hoped for in the beginning - a big fat mistake, a false alarm, just a warning.

As for Bret Michaels, I hope he continues to stand out as a front runner and kicking ass for the ADA. Rock on!