Monday, July 13, 2009

Where is our summer going?

Here at our house, we (read that as I)had an eye-opening revelation last week. Our summer is half over - now normally I'm a glass half full type of gal, but this just makes me a little nostalgic. As a family we've had some great adventures - running through the sprinklers, feeding the goats and donkey at Auntie's, popsicles - many, many popsicles, a great family vacation back to CA to visit cousins, Guncle and Auntie and to share the day for a beautiful wedding to 2 of our favorite people. We've seen Daddy play his first gig with his new band at an AMAZING ranch in North Texas; complete with it's own lake, 2 story dock, swimming pool, hot tub AND family center.
We surprised Wayne with a new motorcycle helmet for Father's Day - he was stunned! I was able to talk the guy at MotoLiberty to not tell Wayne when he went back that I had already purchased the helmet he was pining over. Needless to say, this guy spun quite a tale and Wayne was really bummed that the helmet wasn't there. Can you imagine his face when he opened it up? It's not very often that I can shock him, but we shocked him and I was tickled. He's amazing at buying presents, not just for me, for everyone - so any time I can get a good one for him I pat myself on the back. LOL
We saw the most gorgeous fireworks over the 4th of July weekend and then couldn't believe that our drive home was as easy as it was. We're getting ready for Danielle, Keith & Ellie to visit from Arizona in a few weeks. We'll be going to the Dallas Aquarium and may be staying in this area and having a local "staycation" for the Evans, but still get to see new places we haven't gone since living here. I have discovered a new fantastic grocery store in HEB's Central Market. This place has EVERYTHING you could imagine under one roof, hundreds, yes hundreds of types of bread, then there's the cheese selection, olives, hummus, mushrooms, deli meats, plus nuts in bulk - including my favorite roasted almonds with no salt. Last night Mom and I were talking about whether or not she thought she'd make it out for Christmas (yes, we're already discussing winter around here). While we were on the phone I jumped online and did a few searches. One site that I came upon had a fare with great times and was $100 less than the rest - Mom busted out the credit card and we have her itinerary for her to come for Christmas. WAAHOO! Mom is the Queen of Christmas and I cannot wait for her to spend it here with us. I already have a list of "to dos" for while she's here.