Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Ms. J! I can't believe you're 4!!!!

My beautiful daughter Ms.J is 4 today and I simply cannot believe she's growing up so fast. I know that every mom and dad probably feels the same way. I can remember the drive home from the hospital and being shocked that they actually let us take her with us. She is a joy every single day and I'm SO very lucky to be her mom. She is a sweet, funny girl and a wonderful big sister too. She is loving and silly and smarter than I am already. I'm so very proud of her and all that she does (okay, ALMOST all that she does).
We celebrated her birthday over the weekend - we went and painted pottery with her best friend at Color Me Mine and then went and had little mani/pedis done. We had a family dinner, cake, presents and sillyness all around. She is such a joy.
We're off to have a swim day with the cousins, more to come later, I'm sure!

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