Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am Thankful

As we move into this week, the preparations have started, the bird is defrosting and the house cleaning is speeding up. We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year, which is a first for a major holiday with Wayne's side of the family. Good news is, my SILs are fantastic and are always ready to help if need be (which I'm going to need when it comes gravy-making time). The girls have been helping - 5 year olds are really good and breaking the bread up for stuffing and Little G has mad cranberry pouring skills into the food processor.
Food aside, I've been trying to take stock in the positive of late - sometimes I feel like I spend my time trying to make things better, look at the sunny side of things and just take what comes our way without being appreciative. But I am blessed, beyond my wildest dreams. I have a husband who is kind and generous and loves me despite my many, many faults. He is my biggest supporter and gives me more credit than I deserve. He still makes my heart flutter when he smiles at me from across a crowded room and he is my partner in crime on the parenting front. He has provided me with intimate knowledge of what being diabetic FEELS like, and that has been a secret weapon in our challenging times with the girls blood sugars. He's just a good egg and I feel so lucky to be his wife. Not to mention he makes the most gorgeous children, with a little help,hehehe. I have 2 fantastic daughters that make me happy just to be alive. I live for their kisses and their silliness and their sloppy kisses and to hear them call me Mommy. My girls are my own little blessings and I'm so happy they are mine. I am blessed with my family - both my immediate family and Wayne's family - my in-laws are great and have always treated me like I was one of them, especially my MIL, I talk to her more that my hubby does. They are helpful, funny and genuinely good people that I'm lucky to be related to. My mom is nothing short of fantastic, she's the queen bee of our family and probably the best all around person that I know. She's smart, money-savvy, loving, generous and the best grandparent anyone could ever hope for their child to have. She is coming for Christmas and I can barely stand the wait. My brother and SIL are challenging me a bit these days, I'm having some issues with their values and integrity, which is all I'm going to say - but I do love them and they have made me an Auntie to the most amazing niece and nephew.
The past year has flown by, we moved from CA to TX, dealt with nightmare movers, Little G was diagnosed with Type 1, found an amazing preschool for Ms.J, I started volunteering at JDRF, then started working at JDRF, met the most beautiful baby boy, saw a great couple get married, had both girls start at the same fantastic school with amazing teachers and the director who is an angel and now we are sharing our home with our family for Thanksgiving 2009. We are lucky and grateful and spoiled in the richest way possible - love and family.


Joanne said...

A wonderful post... thanks for helping me to remember that there is much to be thankful for. It's been a tough day, so my mindset isn't really there.

Wendy said...

OMGsh! Just found your super cute blog and love your beautiful family!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time and it's such a blessing to meet so many amazing people through BlogLand!

2 Green Eyed Girls said...

Thank you both for your great comments, it's so good to hear from you!