Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 - A Better Year, because I said so....

Okay, the title of this post sounds a bit surly - but that's the way I feel right now. I've picked my word for the year, Christmas is all put away, I'm starting my purge and organize plan, BUT (there's always one of those, isn't there?)we're struggling with Little G's blood sugars AGAIN. Both girls had their endo appointments on Monday - their A1C's were a bit higher than last time, but the dr. was happy with them and said "no changes" - fast forward to today. I received 3 calls from school with Little G's blood sugar readings, they were having a helluva time keeping her over 70 ALL DAY. Granted, she's more active and using her little noodle more than she probably has been at home these past 2 weeks, but DAMN! At one point she was at 51, they gave her 3 sugar tabs, checked her at 15 minutes and she was only at 71....NOT good. I asked them to give her a tube of cake gel (please don't judge, this is what works normally for both of our girls). Another 15 minute check and she's at 87. I was sure she'd be right around 130ish, if not higher. I could hear her crying and the pastor of the church was holding her and rocking her (I may just kiss this man the next time I see him - I LOVE their school). I just want to bang my head on the wall...not that it will do me any good at all - but my question of the day is WHY? I know that other D-Parents out there might read this (all 3 of you) and say, yeah we ask that all the time....but can't someone make some sense of this on days like today? I heard a very inappropriate song this morning on a "mix tape" cd...and really, really would like to dedicate it to Diabetes...if anyone out there has hear the song "F*** You" by Lilly Allen, it's a happy little tune, with a great message that made me giggle....still VERY inappropriate and no my girls were not in the car with me when I heard it. I smiled and sang along as I pulled into the JDRF parking lot....dedicating it to this miserable disease.

Well, that was quite a tangent no? I am determined to make this a better year than last year. I have plans, a vacation to organize, school walks to get on the calendar and gala tables to fill. Also, I would love to find the winning lottery numbers at some point - just so I could make a big fat donation that might expedite the research that will make my purse a good 2 pounds lighter whenever we go somewhere. Too much to ask? I think not.

Looking forward to snuggling up with my littles tonight, lighting a big ol' fire and taking in the little moments. Cheers to you and yours - Walk Awards Tomorrow Night here in the big D - if you're coming, please stop by and say hello!

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