Tuesday, February 23, 2010

School Fundraiser for JDRF

So our little Kindergarten/Preschool that takes such AMAZING care of both girls has been doing a fundraiser this month for JDRF. This Thursday, the 25th, we're Bouncing for 'Betes at school. We have less than 40 kids and already we've raised well over $1000, I'm so unbelievably proud of these kiddos - they have really put their little hearts into all of this. We have a total of 3 girls out of the 35 or so kids that have Type 1, my Ms. J & Little G, plus their friend Susana is with them as well. The staff, kids and families have shown amazing support for this event. We even had a Room Mom make Gluten Free cupcakes for a birthday last week, which I was really touched by (Susana also has Celiac disease). If you're one of my 3 readers and are so inspired, would you consider giving even a few dollars to help our little school really kick butt in their fundraising? The title of this post is the link to the website for online donations. You can search under Jamie or Gabrielle and make a donation in their honor - I personally think they look pretty darn cute in their little JDRF Ambassador visors on their little pages. If you can't donate at this time, which I certainly understand, maybe you could link to my post so we can get a little more exposure? Pretty please? I'd be ever so grateful!

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