Monday, May 10, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week - A Day In The Life

Our days are pretty consistent in terms of whether the girls are at school or not. For the purposes of this post, I'm going to put the differences in parentheses () to indicate what would happen if they were in school. They both are in school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so we have them most of the time. Here goes, hope this doesn't come out like the swirling jacuzzi tub that is my brain right now.

12:30am - Sugar check, head up the stairs with meters, sugar tabs, juice, shots & ketone strips. Since we've moved to the new house the girls are sharing a room by choice, so I can literally sit on the floor between their beds and do their checks. Lows - juice first if they're too sleepy, sugar tabs if they wake up by me talking to them. Corrective doses if they're over 300.

3:30am - sugar check, same routine as before except I've usually left all their gear upstairs on the dresser. If 2nd check is over 250 still then I wake them up and it's pee on the strip time.

6:30am - my alarm goes off, usually try to get up ASAP to get a shower before Ms. J hears me.

7:00am - wake the girls up, sugar check, shots - Humalog & 1/2 dose of Lantus, breakfast (get ready for school)

8:15am -(leave for school), play outside or watch a movie depends on the weather.

9:30am - sugar check, correction if needed, snack and read a book

10am-11:30am - errands, computer time for me - I AM still looking for a job ya know...LOL

11:30am-1pm - sugar check, shots, lunch, more playtime

1pm-2pm - quiet time, Ms. J practices her reading, I work on colors, numbers and writing with Little G

2pm - sugar check, corrective dose if needed and snack

2:30pm - (pick girls up from school)

3pm-5:30pm - God willing a nap for everyone or a movie, Phineaus & Ferb, arts and crafts too.

6pm -7pm - sugar check, shots - 2nd 1/2 of Lantus as well, dinner

7pm -9pm - baths/showers, homework, a little tv, bedtime stories, lights out for the girls

9pm - Wayne leaves for work

9pm-when it gets done - laundry, dishes, reloading supplies, blogging, reading, catching up on DVR shows, scrapbooking, uploading photos, falling asleep on the sofa still fully clothed with my cell phone in my hand so I don't miss my wakeup calls.


Wendy said...

OMGsh!!! I fall asleep on the couch too....I'm so happy to hear I'm not alone...Love you -- keep up the great work, my friend!!!!

Meri said...

Wow! You pack in a lot after 9pm! I used to fall asleep on the couch every night when my husband worked nights. Now that he is home with me, he makes me go to bed at 10. I am thankful for that.

connie said...

Sounds a lot like my day, diabetes x's two!!!

You are doing an amazing job and I enjoyed getting a glimpse of your day, it helps me to not feel so alone since we are on a similar journey with D.

k2 said...

Your a great mom!
Kelly K