Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week - Our Biggest Supporter

This one will be pretty short, sweet and to the point. Our family has been blessed with a list of fantastic people that have truly stepped up to the plate. Our list has just a many names, but just 3 categories.

1. Our family. Starting with my mom. When Ms.J was dx'd, she spent those 2 days at the hospital with us, sat through the education sessions and the time spent with the nutritionist & dietician and most of the appointments before we moved to Texas. When we moved she was most upset at the idea of anyone besides her taking care of the girls, but especially Ms.J in the event that something should happen. Once Little G was dx'd, she became even more fierce (some might wonder where I get my passion, it's all from my Mama). Our girls are the main reason she is moving to Texas, she feels like they need her and who are we to argue? We all need her.

Now, my SIL's Eileen & Annette, here in TX are fantastic as well. When Little G was dx'd they went to the 101 class with us and are really great when it comes to keeping the girls on the very rare occasion that we ask. They don't volunteer to keep them, but have never said no when asked. Keep in mind that neither of them have children of their own, so it's not like they come equipped for the day to day stuff. But they are wonderful and I'm so grateful that they have not shyed away from any of it. Plus they both walked on our team last year for the Walk to Cure - so we got doubly lucky!

2. Our school. The director at the girls' school, Leslie is nothing short of phenomenal and fearless and ALWAYS acts with the girls' well being in mind. If she has questions, she calls. If she second guesses her knowledge or ours, she always asks. She is fantastic and is the first person outside of our immediate family that I have ever let take care of the girls. I will love her forever for the sense of security she has provided Wayne & I. All of the teachers know the signs and symptoms and have really taken a genuine interest in learning about T1 - unfortunately one of them had a child dx'd with T1 less than a month ago, so she has a good support system already in place. Plus, they let us have a School Walk - actually it was Bounce for 'Betes in the bounce houses - but we raised a boatload of cash for our tiny school of 32 kids. They're all awesome.

3. The D-Mom Community. All the rants and raves and frustrations that I've aired in my blog haven't prevented most of my "regular followers" (all 9 of you)from commenting and offering that note of comfort that we're not in it alone and that yes, T1 does suck ass and that it's okay to not be the happy face of dealing with it that I sometimes try to keep on. Wow, sorry for the run-on sentence. But I do love our little community and the knowledge and the experiences that are shared teach me something every time I read one of your blogs or a comment on FB. More than once you have provided a little warm place where I can go and let down the guard for a bit and just let it fly and I cannot thank you all enough for being here. I wish there wasn't a reason for any of us to be connected this way, but I'm damn glad you're all here. MUAH!


Meri said...

Thank goodness for good support! And what a blessing to have a good team in place at school!! My boys are pretty much on their own at they have cell phones so they can call me anytime. Why don't I get paid to be the school nurse for my boys???

Anonymous said...

Great listing - it's always so wonderful to hear about supportive schools. Yours sounds wonderful!