Thursday, August 21, 2008

37 Things About Me

So, today is my 37th birthday and I'm pretty indifferent about it. I will say that it started off very well with my husband driving 4 hours home from work in Salinas, climbing into bed and being the first person to wish me Happy Birthday. I promptly went back to sleep, but remember being very happy that he was home again where he belongs. I got this idea from Jill over at her blog (see Creativity, Musings & Such in my blog list). I'm still too much of a dufus to figure out how to include a link in my post.
Here are some important things about me to celebrate my 37th year of life:
1. I wish I could make a living as a photographer, but I don't know if I'm good enough
2. My favorite place on the planet is Yosemite
3. My middle name is Lynn, but I dropped it when I got married and now use my maiden name as my middle name
4. I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since I was 5
5. I was born in Utah, but I'm not Mormon
6. I was the only brunette in my class until 4th grade
7. I moved to CA when I was 14
8. I've had the same best friend since I was 11
9. We haven't lived in the same state in 23 years
10. I love my in-laws, all of them
11. I hope to work for the JDRF in some capacity one day
12. The sounds of my daughters laughing makes me smile wherever we are
13. My last boss was crazy, seriously
14. I am a list maker, I have them everywhere
15. My brother is one of my favorite people and I'm so grateful for him
16. I love Texas
17. I lived in Philly for 3 years and couldn't wait to move back to CA
18. I love New York City and feel completely safe there
19. I'm addicted to scrapbook supplies and any kind of paper products
20. My daughters have made me a girly-girl - I wasn't before I had them
21. I love to cook
22. Sushi is a relatively new passion for me, I love it!
23. I hate to play games....philosophically that is - I LOVE board games
24. I am an awesome thumb wrestler
25. I'm addicted to magazines...I buy at least 5 a month, but do not have subscriptions to any
26. I love to write, stories, letters, notes, you name it
27. I am learning to speak my mind
28. I am a people pleaser by nature
29. I love the fact that one of my daughters looks just like me
30. I have really great friends that love me just the way I am
31. I am ALWAYS late, but I'm getting better
32. My cell phone is the bain of my existence
33. I am very stubborn, sometimes to the point of being unreasonable
34. I work better with men than I do women
35. I want to be the mom that other mom's want to emulate
36. Fall is my favorite time of the year
37. I love being married, truly.

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Clara said...

OMG...I missed your Birthday, Adrienne...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!

I loved reading your 37 things!!!!