Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And so it begins

Ms. J, my crafty, way too intelligent for her 3 year old (almost 4)self started preschool today. She's been talking about it for months and we decided that a full year of school prior to kindergarten would be a good thing for her. She was up and dressed, hair done, breakfast almost finished by the time we had to go - we were off to a pretty good start for the first day of school. THEN, we get into the car to head out and she informs me that I'm going the wrong way, that the school is above Guncle's (that's Uncle to most folks) house. I tell her that we have a different way to get there from our house and to please trust me....we pull up to a stoplight and she points to a blue trash can with numbers and letters stenciled on and asks me, "Do you know what those letters and numbers on that blue trash can say Mommy?" When I give the honest answer of "No", since I was focused on the light and hoping not to get rearended by the man in the ginormous truck speeding up behind us - this is what she tells me....."Those letters and numbers say "THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO SCHOOL"!" I laughed so hard I snorted...for about 5 minutes.....this girl cracks me up....as we passed the bank with the digital sign out front, she commented "that sign says to turn around and go back to where you came from"....again I laughed out loud. She kills me, this child of mine - couldn't love her any more if she was twins!
I did spend her first day of school with her....mostly for my sense of well being. We had a training session with her teachers regarding testing her blood sugar and I thought it would be a good idea to be there as a back up just in case. I'm happy to say that the teacher did a great job, Ms. J was a huge help and told her teacher exactly what she needed to do.
One other really great thing about Ms. J's first day of school is that she is with her best friend, who is also her cousin, Ms. K - they were so happy to be there together and I really think that it will be a great thing for them to share this experience sans their parents. I'm so proud of them!

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