Sunday, August 3, 2008

What an Awesome Group of Ladies

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There are a group of women on eBay, who are in a phenomenal group, The Boutique Angels - and several times a year they do a charity drive via their auctions. The newest launch starts tomorrow, August 4th and continues until August 17th. 100 PERCENT, yes ALL OF THE PROCEEDS from these auctions will be going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
This is a very personal matter for me as my oldest, Ms. J is a juvenile diabetic since before she turned 2. My husband is also diabetic, his kicked in when he was 23. We've had many ups and downs with this tempermental disease, but most of the time it's business as usual, just a few more steps than your average kiddo at meals, playtime or bedtime.
If there's anyone out there reading this blog (highly unlikely, but you never know). I would definitely encourage you to check out the auctions or read about the Boutique Angels on their blog -

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Clara said...

Thanks for blogging about us! We are so happy you are helping us with all that you can!!!!