Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ya Wanna Fat Lip?

Things are crazy around here. They seem to be a little crazy everywhere though. Lots of crappy diagnosises and medical procedures happening to people I care about and I'm wondering if it's something in the air.

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day at our house. Car problems seem to be the bain of our existence right now....three cars, 2 of them don't run at all and the 3rd is just humping along. Wayne has been fortunate to catch a ride to work all week with a coworker, but the stress is not fun. Since I'm not working right now, money is tighter than usual and having to fix or find another running car that's reliable SUCKS. I'm so tired of thinking and worrying about cars - it makes me physically ill.

Wayne's nice co-worker was also nice enough to take Wayne to his hand surgeon appointment. During this appointment Wayne was delivered some sad news that he's having quite a hard time accepting. He is suffering from neuropathy, not all is believed to be diabetes related and he will most likely not be able to continue playing guitar. His left hand is the worst, he has muscle loss on both the outside of his left hand and in that meaty part of his hand between his index finger and thumb. He is devastated. The right hand is not as severe, but there is still neuropathy present. They will be pulling the nerve that goes down the outside of his arm and re-routing it down the other side, he will be in a cast for 3 weeks. Left arm first, then the right. Light duty at work for the better part of 2 months or being home (not a great option for us right now given the previously mentioned financial status and short term disability is not too good).

Wayne's stressed and not sleeping, I'm sleeping too hard (I know this because I'm not dreaming) and eating too much. I'm always stressed, like most D-Moms, so this is nothing new but the level of stress is exhausting - my brain only shuts off when I sleep. Sometimes enough is enough and I'm saying enough.

The capper on the day was last night (I posted on FB about this already - thank you for the words of comfort, it meant so much). At 9:30, Little G said that she felt like she was low and ran into the bathroom to go potty - pottytraining is going pretty well for us - 10 seconds later I hear a scream and a horrible cry and run in to find her face down on the floor, blood everywhere and she's shaking. I ask Ms.J to get her meter and pick G up to see a HUGE busted lip. Get her tested and she's at 39 - WTH? Get some juice, wait 20 minutes and she's at 50. Wait another 10 minutes and she's at 56, again WTH? Call Wayne he advises a full on carb load with a PB&J - down it goes. Thirty minutes later she's at 145. Oh, and during all of this Ms.J crashes on me juice, one PB&J and then she's around 180. I checked them at 1am and both were over 200. I was waiting for that rebound super high number and it never showed up. At breakfast this morning they were both hovering in the low 200's. I'm at a loss for what happened last night, but I think the dog was fed part of their dinner and I didn't realize it when I cleared the table. That's the only thing that I think can happen. I hate losing and I really hate it when D kicks my ass - but it did over and over last night. Diabetes sucks...and I cannot wait for the day that I can kick your awful ass to the curb.

I'm off now to fix lunch, get out of my pjs and go car shopping. Kind prayers always appreciated.


connie said...

That just stinks...I hate it when D gets the upper hand, even if just for a moment. I will be holding you and your family in my thoughts and I hope that things start to turn around for the better, I know the stress and the frustration that D can bring.

Good luck car shopping! Also wanted to say that I am loving the new look of your blog :) Very nice!

Meri said...

Friend, prayers are on their way!! Man, when it rains it pours! I hope things start looking up for you. I am so sorry about your husbands hands...I know how devestating it all must be.

((BIG HUG)) Praying for MUCH better days to come!

Joanne said...

I am so sorry to hear about everything that is happening right now. All I can say is that I'm praying for you guys. You're right, it seems like there is something in the air with all the junk that's been happening to everybody.